Study Abroad

Study Abroad

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

In a globalised, well-connected world, employers increasingly value graduates with international experience and education. Studying abroad helps you to learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world

One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad for many international students is the chance to become immersed in a totally different environment. This enriching experience will enable you to see and do things you wouldn’t expect, and meet people who have grown up in a different culture

You may have some concerns before leaving your home country, but don’t worry: that’s completely natural. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the things that makes the whole experience so valuable and worthwhile. There are only a few things that are absolutely indispensable when you‘re at abroad like Accommodation, Internal Travel, Opening a bank account, Health insurance, Rules and regulations of hospitals, availability of doctors is different from our home country.. We will definitely help and guide you with the best of our knowledge as we are working with local partners in the respective countries. We can help in the emergencies and need with the help of our contacts throughout Germany, France and UK. From our previous student experiences, if you can travel overseas to study, you can do anything!

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Do you want to move your career forward? Would you like to develop your leadership skills as well as help others learn, grow and improve their skill? Or would you like someone who can help you do these things? You can do this through our Mentoring assistance.

Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. The mentor is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge, experience and advice with a less experienced person or mentee. The mentor is source of wisdom, teaching and support. We are elated to help you in every aspect of your career through our eminent mentors.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

We take immense pleasure to evaluate your profile. This exclusive profile evaluation helps shortlist the best universities as per your interest. This tool evaluates your profile from the database which exactly matches your profile. Send us the following documents and know your chances for admissions into prestigious.

The Quality of a University is measured by the kind of student it turns out than the kind it takes in.

Don’t have time to spend hours and hours researching universities and applying them? Let us do the work for you. Our admissions experts help you apply to the right universities the right way. When considering studying abroad, the first question you should always ask yourself is which study program is the right one for me? Depending on your goals, passion and what you are pursuing currently in your studies or career, deciding which program to choose is always a tough choice.

Generally, people usually dream of working in another country sometime in the future to have an exposure and to improve their carrier with experience and income. In this regard, studying abroad will exponentially increase your opportunity and chances.

We provide professional guidance to students and parents alike to select the right courses that perfectly fit the individual’s possible career goals. Also, in-depth information will be provided on course available in reputed universities worldwide. We identify the right universities for you based on your profile, your preferences, and your budget. We will give you a list of 15-20 universities and suggest the chances of admission to each one by our previous experience. Your admissions counsellor will then help you further about your prefered university that you are planning to apply to. The CAMPUSTREE advisory team looks forward to help you make the right choices considering your needs and passion.

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievements

First of all, you need to understand that your SOP is perhaps the most critical element of your application and the entire admission process, for a SOP is the MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPRESSION of you as an individual. All other elements set aside, your SOP has the power to make or break your application.


Your dream job starts today

A compelling recommendation from a teacher who knows you well provides universities with an assessment of you as a student and a person that goes beyond the numbers. Teachers can describe your scholastics ability in a way that is more detailed. Your LOR convinces the university professionals that you are worth selective.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized

The goal of a reconsideration letter is to have decision reconsidered, and hopefully over turned. If your letter is courteous and clear, this is possible. We can make your dreams real

Once you seek for advice, we shall write you email, asking for the documents required. We shall guide or assist you in making your letter more worth reading and considering

Take Responsibility and initiate for yourself.

You have landed an offer letter from your dream university but the university fee is too high owing to our exchange rate and now, you are planning on taking a loan. Numerous factors such as the loan amount, and the things covered by it, like tuition fees, admission fees, travel, books, food and living expenses, interest rate, processing fee, margin and moratorium period need to be calculated before deciding upon the bank from which you will take the loan. CAMPUSTREE team will support you to find solution for abroad education loan . We are associated with few financial support organizations in India and help you get the best scholarships and abroad education loan matching your profile.

The parents and students are given clear cut idea & advice about the documentation required for the student visa and we will do it accordingly). Preparation of visa applications & submission to the Embassy/ High Commission is done with utmost care. Our assistance does not end here; we prepare students for their visa interview through mock interview sessions if required. German Visa interviews are very friendly and are conducted in a simple manner.

Booking flight tickets well in advance, keeping abreast the discounts that can be available makes it easier for students to fly to their destinations at low cost. A pre-departure briefing is also provided to psychologically tuned students for their future endeavour. We provide a clear idea of their travel and arrival in Germany and other countries to students and their parents.

Our Post-landing assistance ensures that you feel home away - home in your new country. Our associates will provide all necessary post landing assistance to ensure a smooth transition and needed support. We know that migration process does not end with the arrival to foreign country; in fact it only begins as the majority of students go through an anxious phase settling in a new country where they require few basic things organized before starting their studies. From the moment you land in Germany, we make sure you are made to feel comfortable. We help our students in accommodation, transportation, opening bank account and getting the other accessories. It is only after our students settle down that we feel that our task is completed. We feel it’s OUR PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY.

Nowadays, Bachelor Program in Germany is becoming very popular for an international student from all over the world. German universities offer a wide range of Bachelor program in all selected fields.

If we talk about India then, every year70% increases in enrolment of Indian students at German universities. There are some good reasons to Study Graduate Program in Germany. Likewise, quality education, no tuition fees, more career opportunities.

A student can study in German medium as well as in International program which is completely in English medium so it is very much easier for the International student to Study in Germany.

Two types of universities are there in Germany:

(1) TU (Technical Universities): These universities studies are more research oriental where student learn about techniques & method to use in their study.

(2) FH (Fachhochschule) University of Applied Science: There are types of universities studies are the most practical base. 70% of your course will include practical lecture through the seminar, group discussion work in student research group, workshop etc. 30%, of course, include theoretical lecture.

Eligibility Critical For Bachelor Program in Germany

Generally, the Bachelor Degree Course is available in the German language. If you want to start your Bachelor in Germany, following things that are required:

(i) Overall min 55% in your higher secondary Board. For, every Indian student must have to fulfill entry requirement for admission in a German university. In India, we have 12 years of school period and in Germany, it is 13 years.

So if you want to do Bachelor course in Germany, you need to consider any of these three principles methods below:-

(1) Successfully complete your 1 year of Bachelor Program in India from recognized university in your preferred course.

(2) Successfully clear Joint Entrance exam (JEE) for admission to courses in technology and natural sciences.

(3) Passing the qualification assessment examination called as feststellungsprufung. This examination is taken by the German universities to check the knowledge of basic of the subjects related to your field (for exam science, commerce or arts).

Planning to do Master Degree? Consider Germany. Well, first of all, you need to understand why completing master? Many graduates prefer to want to do the job after studies but doing master are like adding an extra piece of a cake. It helps to develop your knowledge in the preferred field of study & also makes you an artist or specialized engineer. And if you consider Germany then you really become an artist of your zone.

Master in Germany is of 1 to 2 years including 2 to 4 semesters but the most common case being 2 years. There are more than 1000 types of master course available.

The main engineering course includes Mechanical, Mechatronics, Textile, Industrial engineering, Automobile engineering, Aerospace engineering, Renewable engineering, Electrical & electronics, Communication etc. The business studies Master Courses are available with specialization in marketing, finance, operation, HR & supply chain management.

German University System

There are mainly two types of higher education institutions in Germany:

(1) Universities (including Technische Universität, also known as TU) are research-oriented and offer a wide variety of subjects. These can award doctorate degrees.

(2) Fachhochschulen on the other hand, are practice-oriented and offer courses mainly in engineering, business administration, social sciences, and design. They do not award doctorates.

As in many countries, the aim of the doctorate is to draw up and publish a written doctoral thesis/dissertation. The award of Ph.D. is based on examination of the thesis (which must be published within regulations specific to each university) and by an oral examination.

To apply for the Master Studies in Germany, you have three options:

(1) Choose an English-taught program (International Master Program)

(2) Choose a German taught program

(3) Choose partial Program

German Universities offer a wide range of international Master Program which is very popular in all over the world which is completely offer in English language and you do not require any German language knowledge to take part in this program. Due to high popularity and seat limitation student need a very good academic background (at least more than 75% in bachelor degree). Some universities may ask for your TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT scores, depending upon the subject you choose to study. For example, GMAT may be asked for if you want to study economics or law.

For German taught program it is required to have more than 55% overall in your bachelor's. You are not required at giving GRE, IELTS or TOFEL. The only requirement is to learn the German language and certified through TestDaf or DSH or Hochschule C1.

The partial courses are generally offered in some universities with limited courses options. Students who don't want full German or English course can opt for the partial course where they have can do some part of a study in English & some part of a study in German. The partial course has three kinds of ratios in programs: 70 (German):30 (English) Ratio, 50 (English):50 (German) Ratio & 60(German):40 (English) Ratio. In this case, the student must have a certain level of English as well as the German language.

You choose any of the programs, you need to learn the German language to have a better life in Germany. In most German universities, even if you have enrolled as for English-taught program, you are required to have at least German B1 level knowledge. In German taught program, you are required to have German C1 level.

As a student, you need to select the program of your choice wisely. Make sure your career plans you have decided earlier. Germany has something best to offer- quality studies, knowledge & excellent working opportunities.

Germany’s Doctorate degree has an excellent reputation in all over worlds. Teaching and research provide key impulses for innovation and progress. The German doctorate enjoys an outstanding reputation in all disciplines, with the country producing about 25,000 doctorates every year. The research infrastructure in Germany is second-to-none. Germany having produced over 100 Nobel prize-winners over the years!

There are very good reasons for this, which include among others International degree Programmes (IDP) taught in English medium, excellent quality of education, low or no tuition fees, career opportunities after graduation and above all social security.

German universities and research organizations are always looking for qualified doctoral students from abroad.

Types of Ph.D. in Germany

Ph.D. students in Germany are most often referred to as Doctoral Candidates. There are two types of PhDs in Germany:

Traditional Approach

The traditional approach involves identifying a supervisor (Doktorvater/Doktormutter, interestingly meaning a thesis father or mother!) at a German university who is willing to guide your research. This system offers a lot of flexibility since there is no compulsory attendance, deadlines or curriculum, but requires a great deal of dedication. The average length of this kind of Ph.D. is 4 years.

Structured Doctoral Programmes

Identify a program. Contact the selected university. This will be your most important source of information as far as exact details about eligibility, program structure, fee, application procedure etc. are concerned

According to the German Council of Science and Humanities, the majority of doctoral candidates still complete a traditional doctorate but a growing proportion chooses structured programs, especially in the natural sciences and mathematics.

The standard of teaching and research in German universities is ranked among one of the best institutions in the world

Programs are exclusively taught in English. Therefore German language skills are not a prerequisite for starting your studies. If you are willing to learn German, you also have the opportunity to join the German

Since 2002 Germany has a new immigration law. As a foreign student, you will receive a study visa. With this visa, you are allowed to work 120 days or 240 half days in a calendar year. This right is not restricted to campus jobs like in the US. After your graduation, you have the right to stay in Germany for one year. During this time you can concentrate on job-hunting. A permanent residence permit will be guaranteed after having been successful in finding a job.

Countries like Canada, America, Germany and many countries of the European Union grant scholarships above 50% for studious students. Apart from this, there are universities that provide monthly stipends for accommodation and food.

Everybody gets scholarships. Depending on the marks obtained and the fluency of the national language, the universities decide on the amount for the scholarship. The applications that CAMPUSTREE receives from the students will be sent to the preferred universities. CAMPUSTREE’s choices are in favor of the best-ranked university and also the university that provides the most scholarships.

Universities abroad maintain international standards in their curriculums. Different departments have an appropriate and up-to-date curriculum. The faculties comprise of expert teachers, scientists, and other academicians, best in their fields. Labs, workshops, and libraries inevitably maintain international benchmarks. These are some of the fundamental differences between Indian universities and universities abroad

Normally study visa is obtained once the necessary documents are submitted. Stay back visa will be obtained only after successful completion of the course. Most of the country’s student visas are structured such that every student who has successfully completed their course, will be allowed to stay back, work full time, and can even take up permanent residency. Students are provided opportunities to stay back and obtain PR in countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany and other European countries

CAMPUSTREE recruits students to only internationally acclaimed universities across the world. The degrees obtained from these universities enable one to work anywhere in the world.

Definitely yes. The information needed to be provided to the bank, which is mainly information regarding the university and course will be provided by CAMPUSTREE. When necessary, CAMPUSTREE also involves itself by directly contacting the senior officers of the bank

Countries like America, Canada, Europe and China are some of the safest places to live according to the UN organizations. Universities are selected by CAMPUSTREE in a meticulous manner. The senior management at UNIMAP makes it a point to directly go over to these universities and analyze their standards thoroughly and only if they are in total approval of these, do they sign up.

Family members can be brought during the educational period itself. Partners can be brought along during the educational period in countries like America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mauritius, Australia, Germany and Europe. Depending on the qualifications of your partners, and according to the laws of the country, it is possible for the partners to take up full-time jobs and apply for permanent residency

Refund fees are attained according to the refund rules of that country. The fees remitted in all the foreign universities are insured via the government of that country

When an aspiring candidate walks in, depending on his/her financial condition, taste and talent, CAMPUSTREE helps to decide the choice of the course and university for that student. The full processes including admission, visa processing, visa documentation, visa submission, preparation for embassy interview, etc . are all performed by CAMPUSTREE. The in-flight precautions, introduction to the culture, lifestyle, and mannerisms of the country of choice are all provided in detail to the candidate. Representatives of CAMPUSTREE will be taking the students from the airport. Along with providing mobile connection, bank account, medical insurance, passes to travel in trains and buses, students are also given a general introduction to the religious places around and supermarkets having Indian food. The students are also trained to use public transports of that country. CAMPUSTREE also provides a facility for money exchange. Some of the countries permit only part time jobs with a student visa; these students can work full time during the weekends and other holidays

The holidays of each country vary, but during Christmas and New Year, there are holidays for almost a month in all the countries. During this time of the year, every student can come down to India. Students are provided with multiple entry student visas, which enable them to travel multiple times. Those countries which permit only part time jobs with a student visa, allow working full time during the holiday season.

Embassy interview training is crucial for a candidate. For embassy interviews of countries like America, Europe etc ., UNIMAP provides free and outstanding training for 3-4 days. The visa success rates of 100% are in itself an indicator of the matchless success of CAMPUSTREE

Every student mandatorily has to take medical insurance on reaching a foreign country. There is no need to worry about the treatment charges as the insurance takes care of this.

The laws pertaining to educational visas will differ according to the country. Considering the visa laws of the country, if a tourist visa or dependent visa is obtainable for the family or relative, then they can definitely avail it to go over and visit the student. CAMPUSTREE will certainly help with regards to this also

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