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Training and Internship

Training and Internship

Language Training

Language is not just a tool for communication. It makes humans unique in comparison with other forms of animals on earth. Hence the study of language is more of a science. Language art is more about the study of literature, poetry, and aesthetics. Language study is wrongly conceived to be an art form. It is more about how a language is made and implemented and its effects on human life. CAMPUSTREE offers language study and training programs which are expertly designed to equip Individual Students and Professionals, Corporate, and Housewives. CAMPUSTREE provide structured classroom and online training programs and also customize training programs as per the student’s needs. Whether you wish to just pick up a few words and phrases or you wish to speak like a pro, we give you the kind of training you need.

A few decades back, it was believed that English language skills are enough to get you a job. Now it is only fair to say that the ability to speak a foreign language can open a wide array of foreign language career opportunities. In an age of increasing globalization, frequent cultural activities, interaction, events, access to entertainment resources has stimulated interest in these languages. We offer IELTS and German Language training for our prospective students in our office. Moreover, higher levels of German language are taught by German language professionals from ISB Institute, Braunschewig, Germany. Enjoy learning the language with our Language Institute “CAMPUSTREE”. If you study the language in your own you will practice it only by yourself while studying the Language in our reputed institute you will enable you to practice it regularly on a daily basis with professional trainers.

Internship Abroad

Our programs are an initiative created by a group of experienced technical and business professionals to connect India and Europe closer together. With our diverse and wide set of knowledge about both the Indian and European academic and business environment, our aim is to form a technological transfer bridge between all participants. Through our activities, we strive to create a better technological future by enabling closer collaboration and knowledge exchange between universities, companies, supporting organizations and students from India and Europe.

Every year, we bring to you a bucket load of experience you have never had before. With several successful Summer Programs and the rate of success speaking for themselves, we bring to you the Internships Abroad, Opportunity to do your Bachelor Project, Educational programs, research partnerships and cluster collaborations. Our educational programs are executed in partnership with leading universities, allowing Indian students and professionals to travel to Europe. Participants gain a comprehensive insight into the local industrial situation while at the same time enhancing their professional skills and career prospects through additional education. Research partnerships are enabled by connecting industrial and research institutes through common events. This broadens the scope and speed of technology transfer between all parties, allowing European and Indian companies to take advantage of each other's unique abilities and features.

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IELTS Introduction

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) measures the language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. It uses a nine-band scale to clearly identify levels of proficiency, from non-user (band score 1) through to expert (band score 9).

CAMPUSTREE Training Centre – Coaching classes for IELTS Preparation in Coimbatore

- Training for both Academic & General Modules
- Experienced and Dedicated Faculty
- Comprehensive course material
- Flexible Class Scheduling
- Time Bound IELTS General & Academic Mock Tests
- Personalized Attention to Each Student
- Basic Grammar Training for required candidates
- Authorized IELTS Test Booking Center for British Council and IDP IELTS Tests
- Short listing of Universities before appearing for the test

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In Germany, most of the streams whether it is Engineering or it is management, the medium of instruction is mostly English language for International Programs. Besides the medium of instruction, for most of the universities, you will need to have good language skills for your admission. So the first step for those who wish to carry their further studies in Germany is to learn or have good command in the German language. No doubt, you can also learn the language in your own country too. But we all know that to learn a new language is not a cup of tea. So as good the environment you will learn better, easily and quickly the Language Courses in CAMPUSTREE with native speakers.

Anyone can take part in German Language Courses a part of their profession, language knowledge and also academic purposes. By participating in German Language Courses you not only learn the German language better in short duration of time but you can also learn many different languages as you will interact with different people coming from different parts of India.


It’s better to learn the German language from people of German nationality as they are having good command in the German language. In Germany, you get the best opportunity to study different language teaching courses. It does not how good language is taught in Azerbaijan, the level of the German language taught to the students does not satisfy their future, as a result, causes problems for further process. As an instructor for language courses in Germany are German and hence it’s a great advantage to study the language from them.

Enjoy learning the German language while living the language. If you study the language in your own country u will practice it only in the classroom while studying the Language in Germany you will practice it regularly in your daily life. People of Germany with whom you will communicate in your daily life will play a great role in studying the specific grammatical topics of German Language Course.

You will also have fun while studying the language. While attending the lectures of language you will come to know about the lifestyle of the people living in your surrounding and hence you will expand your world view. Besides, all these benefits as Germany are situated in the heart of the Europe and as it is having open borders with neighboring countries you will be having the pleasure to travel there in your vacation days.

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CAMPUSTREE would like to cordially propose you its summer school program of academic and cultural exchange programs for your university students. The main goal of this program is to cultivate the aforementioned process in each individual student. Keeping the demands of ever-changing technological world, the summer school program focuses on three important aspects.

The International Summer program is designed for students with a strong interest in a study abroad program at a German Institute. The program offers students individual support and academic guidance. The International Summer program is offered in association with ISB, Braunschweig. ISB is an initiative by International Institute for Studies and Cooperation (IISC e.V), Germany. ISB is a German Education Institute which offers German Languages, Ausbildung, Student cultural exchange program, Assisting Professionals in labour market. It is located in centre of Braunschweig offering International Students the foundation year which act as the German Abitur Level and prepare them to different universities in Germany.

1. Academic aspect, which focuses on theoretical development:

The primordial goal of this part is to develop the language of Engineering inside the individual students and create a scientific attitude in them. More details follow in the later pages of this proposal.

2. Practical aspect, which prepares the students for the next leap towards technical development:

This part complements the theoretical part above. Here the student will see how the theory takes the shape of Technology. More details follow on later pages.

3. Cross cultural competences and exposure to the European culture”

ISB is a German institution for Higher education. It has collaborated with chain of excellent universities in Germany.

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Course Features

IELTS 9500 ₹
German A1 14500 ₹
German A2 14500 ₹

IELTS 9500 ₹